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Snake Bone 2 (10th Jan 23 at 4:57am UTC)Quote Reply
When it comes to snake blood, everyone is puzzled. I don't know how many snakes I have to kill to draw such a big line along the Yin River with all the snake blood. Although white water can command the snake clan, it's not good either. You can use snake blood. Everyone was puzzled when Baishui suddenly appeared behind me. He reached out and pressed my shoulder. He looked at Zhang Tianshi and said, "Anyway, she's about to get out of trouble. We can bleed her." Not to mention us, even Liu Xian was shocked and ran out of the house. I looked back at Whitewater and never thought he would kill the snake. After all, they had deep feelings and lived and died together. Even if they knew that the snake had made a black scale man with black eggs, Baishui only regretted releasing her and tried to imprison her again, never thinking of killing her. After all, Zhang Tianshi was calmer. He shook his head and said, "Even if you get her snake Dan now, you haven't absorbed it all yet. I'm afraid that when she comes out, there's still a way to get the Dan again. And.." "The serpent can die but not be destroyed." Baishui answered his last words in a deep voice. There is an obvious contradiction in hearing this. But when you think about it, that's exactly what happened. Baishui's mother has been dead for many years, but it is still the Yin River and will not disappear. And the snake or Bai Si, all turned into bones, but still alive, we can see the strong vitality. Even if you die, you can probably do something about it. We're just taking blood,Coil Nail Making Machine, not killing her. After taking the blood. If she dies, we throw her into the ground fire and burn her, if she doesn't die.. Baishui paused for a moment and said in a low voice, "That's.." "Burn to death in the ground fire?" He hasn't finished yet. I heard a clear voice saying. When we looked back in surprise, we saw a very ordinary-looking woman standing at the gate of the courtyard, holding a child in one hand and pulling an unintentional Buddha spirit that we hadn't seen for a long time in the other. The unintentional Buddha seemed to be in great pain and was pulled by the snake. The umbrella flew into the arms of the unintentional Buddha. She gave a cry of pain, and the whole thing burned up. The umbrella rose quickly again. You've got the magic. With a cold hum,Automatic nail machine, the ordinary woman grabbed the unintentional Buddha and threw it into the yard. The umbrella had been blessed by Yunchangdao, but it did not recognize the former master of Wuxin Buddha, so when it was taken back, it suddenly burned Wuxin Buddha. But when the unintentional Buddha was thrown in, the umbrella still paused, and the ordinary woman took the opportunity to rush over. The Parthenocissus tricuspidata in the courtyard rushed towards her, but as soon as she waved her hand, the incense smoke came out of the unintentional Buddha, and the Parthenocissus tricuspidata retreated quickly. Baishui grabbed me, who was about to move the knife, and shook his head at me. He looked at the woman and said, "Ah.". I didn't expect you to come out so soon. "You don't think about who we found." The snake put the child in his arms toward us, lowered his head and teased the child in his arms with a light smile: "The blood snake tripod of Nai River, even I can be trapped, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, you probably don't know the origin, do you?" Zhang Tianshi and the handsome boy did not move, but they all tightened their bodies. It's just that we never thought that snakes could get out of trouble quietly. Shouldn't there be lightning and thunder? Besides, those who stay in Tyrone should also be aware of it? I suddenly remembered something and looked at the child in the snake's arms and said, "Where did you find her?" "As a snake, I didn't believe in reincarnation, but since there is a blood snake tripod in the Nai River, it's different. It's just that I didn't drink Meng Po Tang. It's obviously a lie. Otherwise, the so-called prophecy Mao Wanxing didn't find it. How could the Su family find it?" The smile in the snake's eyes was even worse. Holding the child in his arms, he showed his face to me and said, "Do you look like your master?"? But you can't see it. It's said that two of them can't meet each other. When you see her, she's going to die. The child was really unrecognizable, but the snake could come out. Prove that this may be true. Bring it. The snake waved his hand to the outside and chuckled at me, "Yunshe, right?"? This generation of Youjia people are not surnamed You, so I almost dare not recognize anyone I find. See outside the courtyard, Su March holding the blood snake tripod directly came in. The umbrella was originally open to her, so it didn't stop her. Yunshe.
"Holding the child in his arms, the snake reached out and took the blood snake tripod. Both of them were handed to me." I will exchange my blood, your master, and your heirloom blood snake tripod for white water. I can also break the blood oath of the snake clan between you. He may not have told you that although we are not married, we have a marriage contract. The descendants of the snake and the descendants of the white will always intermarry and give birth to children to keep the blood of the snake pure. Otherwise, I couldn't have gone out with him, and he wouldn't have wanted to resurrect me. Chapter 279 two women fight for their husbands. Listening to audio is easier! Better experience of downloading the client I looked at the snake holding things in front of me, feeling a little funny, and then looked at the white water: "Do you feel you are worth it?" The handsome boy kept drawing his eyes beside him, as if he was about to die. Listening to me, he was so bold in front of the snake that he came over and whispered, "Yunshe, your business is getting bigger and bigger. After the ancient paintings and bronzes, even the white water of the snake can be sold by you." At this point, he made a look of extreme fear holding his little heart: "Chen Qiyu and I didn't sign a contract of sale with you. You can't sell it." In the back, the voice of the goods was so loud that the snake immediately looked at it with a fierce light in his eyes. I just felt a strong wind that made my face hurt, and Baishui hugged me and quickly retreated under the eaves. Looking again, I saw that the handsome boy had already jumped to the roof, not forgetting to pull Chen Qiyu and Zhang Tianshi, and where he was standing, a huge pit was emitting smoke. The handsome boy was so frightened that he shouted at me on the roof: "Oh!"! Yunshe, I can't help you. The drama of two women fighting for their husbands has always been very popular. Whether you win or lose, I will help you pass on the lawsuit through the ages. The good atmosphere is stirred by the handsome guy, a bit like the original wife beating the mistress on the street, you pull my hair, I tear your clothes,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, that kind of tearing drama. But it's a little funny to trade white water. I can't talk well and let the snake toss about. Anyway, I can't beat her. As soon as I open my mouth, it proves that I am standing in the opponent's scene with the snake.
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