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Embroidered clothes and cloud sideburns (10th Jan 23 at 5:00am UTC)Quote Reply
The Begonia Fairy could not help but feel a chill in her face. She said in a deep voice, "Now in the restaurant and teahouse, we are talking about" pulling out the mountain "and being shocked by Jiang Tiantao. Did you hear about the killing? Lin Nanping, standing not far from the side of Youyi Middle School, listened to the first battle of the body, took a shocked look at Jiang Tiantao, and then looked at it in a hurry. Eye Tour No.1 Middle School. However, the headstrong You Yizhong still shook his head and said, "Now that the New Year is drawing to a close, most of the pedestrians and business travelers have already gone home." In 2008, few guests were seen in restaurants and tea shops. As soon as the Begonia Fairy heard this, she was so angry that her body trembled. She couldn't help asking angrily, "Why do you and Lin Nanping still want to be servants before the New Year?" Came here on a dusty journey? Youyi Middle School was speechless to answer correctly and pretended to be funny and laughed! Although Jiang Tiantao was already full of anger, he could see that. The teacher "Begonia Fairy" still accommodated Youyi Middle School everywhere, so he did not dare to attack. Because, his affection for Begonia Fairy, it can be said that the love of a mother is better than the teacher's kindness, so he often holds a wish, only If he wants his teacher to be happy, he will not hesitate to go through fire and water even if he has a disembowelment! At this time to see the teacher has been angry, immediately bow, Lang! "Master, please calm down," he said. "Since Shibo insists on trying to fight with Tao'er, Tao'er dares not accompany him, but before the trial.." At the end of the sentence, the Rainbow Dragon Lady suddenly said in a deep voice, "Wait a minute!" Between the words, at the end of see how to make a gesture, blue shadow flash, has been to swim in front of the body not far, then Dai Mei a Yang, continue to say: "Senior You must defeat the Qingfeng Sword in the hands of the younger generation before fighting with Brother Tao!" With these words, the horizontal elbow withdraws the sword, the cold light is like electricity, a dragon sings, and an autumn fire is already in front of him. Youyi Middle School has not yet seen the posture of the "Rainbow Dragon Lady", only a flash of blue shadow, people have come to his front, the heart can not help but secretly eat. A surprise. But he was sullen, relying on the "secret skill of jade flute", and did not put the "Rainbow Dragon Lady" in his eyes. Just then, the red shadow flashed and she shouted, "Sister Jane, wait a minute. Let the younger sister try first. Is he qualified to be with Brother Tao?" Brother, fight! You Yizhong was waiting to speak when suddenly there was a girl in red with a sword in her hand in front of her eyes, and her face was angry. Although he wondered why there were so many beautiful girls with amazing figures. In his mind, he pretended to be calm, took a proud look at the Rainbow Dragon Lady and Zhu Cailuan, and then looked at the Begonia Fairy with a frosty face. "Who are these two girls?" He asked. The Begonia Fairy immediately said in a deep voice, "It is Miss Xiao who is wearing a pink blue cloud dress. She is known as the" Rainbow Dragon Lady. "She is wearing a bright red dress. It was Miss Zhu, the high foot of the "blind nun", both of whom fought against the "Baiji Zen Master" of Emei at the Dragon Head Meeting. Undefeated.. You Yizhong laughed proudly and said, "Baiji is still the leader of an earthly school. His art is limited to internal strength and jade Ruyi. You has already done so." Disdain to fight with him! As soon as Rainbow Dragon Lady and Zhu Cailuan heard this, they were furious, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic bulk containers, but they still suppressed their anger and asked in a deep voice, "Elder You boasts that he is out of the world." People You Yizhong nodded his head proudly and said, "Yes, you naturally dare not underestimate the two girls, but the Baiji Zen of the Emei Sect Teacher, you really didn't see it in your eyes. Zhu Cailuan was so impatient that she stretched out her arm to push the Rainbow Dragon Lady and urged her in a deep voice, "Sister Zhen, please step back and let the younger sister try his surprise." Human stunt! Jiang Tiantao Lingzhi turned the fastest, and he fought against his mentor "Begonia Fairy" dozens of strokes according to Youyi Middle School, which showed that Youyi Yi Zhong's skill surpassed that of the "Baiji" of the Emei Sect, because he knew very well that if the Begonia Fairy wanted to defeat Baiji, it was only within a few dozen moves. It's about.
As a result, he immediately urged in a deep voice, "Sister Zhen and Sister Luan, please leave the stage quickly. Brother Yu has something very important to do with Uncle You." Deliberate! When Zhu Cailuan and Rainbow Dragon Lady saw that Jiang Tiantao's voice was full of anxiety, they knew that there was something different in their hearts, so they had to take an angry look at Youyi. Zhong Fei stepped back! You Yizhong smiled and turned to look at Jiang Tiantao. "What do you want to say?" He asked in a deep voice. Jiang Tiantao bowed slightly and said solemnly, "Before the younger generation fights with Shibo, can you make a small request?" You Yizhong nodded proudly and said, "Tell me about it!" Jiang Tiantao said with a straight face, "If the teacher is afraid that he can't defeat the younger generation within a hundred strokes, he will ask Shibo to live in the Begonia Cave for a long time." "House, never return to the south, so that I can spend my old age with my teacher!" Begonia Fairy listens, jade cheek is red fly behind ear, in the heart not by gratified voice says: "This child!" In her mind, Feng glanced at Fu Li and Xue Danfeng and other girls, all of whom smiled and looked happy. Do not know, you a Shen a listen, suddenly full of anger, look up to the sky sent out a burst of raucous laughter! Begonia Fairy and Jiang Tiantao, as well as Fu Liying and others, at a loss, all in a daze, even the disciples of Youyi Middle School. Lin Nanping, I don't know why his master laughed so hard! You Yizhong slowly stopped laughing and looked at Jiang Tiantao in a word. Guan laughed and said, "With such a handsome man as you, who is highly skilled in martial arts, do you still need me to visit No.1 Middle School?" Say, is a burst of laugh! When the Begonia Fairy heard this, she felt a loud crash in her head, trembling all over, and no limbs. Force, Jiao body a few shakes, nearly fell to the ground. Xue Danfeng and Fu Liying were all shocked. They couldn't believe their ears. This would be from Youyi Middle School. Say it in your mouth. Jiang Tiantao's reverence for "Begonia Fairy" is far greater than that of his birth mother, "Xuanji Jade Girl", who heard such shameless words from Youyi Middle School. The language, the brain thunderclap, the reason suddenly loses, roars: "The shameless person accepts the life to come.." In the harsh voice, his eyes were all red, and he made a move to "split Huashan Mountain with great force". With his right palm, he fiercely copied the ancient Mandarin tree spinulosa to me. Male Wei Lin scratched my right wrist under the arm of Jiang Tiantao, which can be seen as the right wrist under the right wrist of the third concubine's cabin. Meng Feng. Begonia fairy hurriedly must mind, found Jiang Tiantao sword eyebrows like flying, eyes like fire, know has moved the killing machine, this palm split. If you go down, you will be disabled even if you don't die! Think of the past mistakes,secondary containment pallet, this time must not make mistakes, a worry in the heart, can not help blurting out: "Tao son can not!" 。
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