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Xiao Xing Ji (10th Jan 23 at 5:03am UTC)Quote Reply
Lin Xiao has been left in the quiet glass pagoda in the volume of hand-copied Tao Te Ching cloth, suddenly came a voice with a million points of arrogance: "Which children dare?" Thunder and fire are really useless? Lin Xiao failed to figure out who was speaking, and an invisible but irresistible force poured out of the cloth roll and took control of his body in an instant. Just now the voice sneered, "Elder Martial Brother, you and I have left a trace of true spirit. In this world of Zhou Tian, you have taught the whole article of the true formula of clearing thunder and fire on this doll, but why don't you pass on all the skills you use?"? Hum, I am not so much as you, even if it is only a trace of true spirit left in this world, don't blame me for taking away today's prize! The endless clear light of three colors gushed out from the cloth roll, and the basalt gas consumed by Lin Xiao was instantly replenished to the best state. The haughty voice sneered, "Watch it, little doll. The True Formula of Clearing Thunder and Fire is the supreme method for me to kill the evil music of the three realms. Where did you use it like that?"? Just now you let out nearly ten million thunderbolts, but you didn't hurt one of the eighteen little earthworms. It's really useless. Today, let you see what is the real formula for clearing thunder and fire! Four thunder seals condense on Lin Xiao's fingertips, only four blue thunder seals! In Lin Xiao's startled eyes, the four thunder seals were engraved with a group of mysterious seals. The four thunder seals immediately flew out of their hands, and the endless spirit of heaven and earth roared toward the four thunder seals. Whether it is the earth, water, fire, wind or the power of the stars, whether it is the spirit of the five elements or the spirit of the earth, all kinds of energy are absorbed by the four thunder seals. The four thunder seals slowly transformed into colors, gradually turning into black, red, green and white. Black, red, blue and white thunder fell from the sky, but the speed of the fall was so slow that people were flustered. Four thunderbolts fell slowly in the void, a solemn and majestic breath was born out of thin air, and the rolling energy tide between heaven and earth was instantly suppressed by this breath, and no energy dared to roll at random. Eighteen old dragons, together with Ao Lie, could no longer move. They looked at the four-color sword light falling from the sky in horror, and there was a trace of despair in their eyes. The four thunderbolts suddenly changed, and a huge sword gas full of fierce killing came out from the tears. The uncast sword gas defeated the silver stars all over the sky in one fell swoop. Including Ao Lie, the nineteen dragons who had reached the peak of immortals and pure blood were beheaded by the invisible sword gas without any resistance, and even their primordial gods were cut off in one fell swoop. Oh my God Ao Xue, Shen Xiaobai, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, Yao Ying, Lin Yao, Xuan Huo Xianjun and even Lin Xiao himself who witnessed all this exclaimed at the same time.
What is the array of these four colors of thunder? How can four simple thunderbolts have such terrible power? Lin Xiao opened his mouth wide in a daze, and he looked at his hands in disbelief, that is, his own hands, that is, his own Xuanwu Qi, and that is the true formula of clearing thunder and fire that he is familiar with! But after that group of abstruse amulets were engraved in the thunder seal, the incomparably familiar formula of clearing thunder and fire unexpectedly produced such an incredible change! Only four thunder seals, unexpectedly conjured up the sword array with endless killing intentions to slay nineteen such powerful dragons! "Kill?" Lin Xiao suddenly dripped cold sweat like rice milk! My God, what did you do? No, it's not myself, but the thread hidden in the cloth roll. I don't know what the true spirit of the great existence did? Nineteen immortals of the dragon clan! In particular, it includes a prince of the Dragon Clan! Just like that, just like that, you got yourself killed? Dragon Clan, the Dragon Clan with huge potential power in the fairy world! Their prince and eighteen elders were killed by themselves? Lin Xiao almost fainted as soon as his eyes darkened! Suddenly the arrogant voice came from the cloth roll: "Little doll, did you write down that set of swords?"? Shang Qing Lei Huo Zhen Jue cooperates with Zhu Xian Jian Jue to lay down Zhu Xian Jian Array with Zhu Mo Thunder. Although it is not as powerful as the original Jian Array, it is still very simple to kill a few small earthworms that have not even entered Taiyi Sanliu! A weak voice came from the cloth roll: "Younger Martial Brother, you killed happily, but you see, how much have you spent on the little aura we have accumulated over the years?" The haughty voice suddenly screamed, "damn!"! Why did you spend so much? I've just shown my head. Do I have to continue dreaming? The voice was still full of energy, but gradually his voice became more and more weak, and the light on the cloth roll of the Tao Te Ching, which had been shining, dimmed, and gradually changed back to the image of the ragged cloth roll. Lin Xiao's body trembled gently, and only then did he realize that in this seemingly insignificant cloth roll, there was a trace of the true spirit of two great characters! Especially the so-called Zhu Xian Jian Jue and the Zhu Xian Jian Array, if it is really as he thought, then the true spirits of the two people hidden in this cloth scroll are really great people. Although I don't understand why they left a trace of true spirit in this cloth roll, at least it's good for them, isn't it? If you can master this formula, then you can go all over the world! However, Lin Xiao just recalled that group of abstruse amulets just now and was so angry that he almost looked up to the sky and scolded his mother. This group of Fu Xuanao peerless, with Lin Xiao today's strength, just recall the small half of the structure of one of the Fu almost exhausted the energy of his basalt God. Is this, is this, is this the power that people should have? There are 490000000 symbols in this group, each of which is complex. If you want to use this group of swords freely,cold drawn tubes, you don't know how much it will take. It's another set of seemingly luxurious exercises, just like Xuanwu Bao. I don't know what year and month is the end! Putting aside this horrible sword formula, Lin Xiao could not help but have a headache when he thought of the nineteen'dragons killed by himself '.
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