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Jade Kirin also attacked another man with three swords and said, "Ah, it's her!"! In the past, when she chased animals, she was so willful and happy. The person who roared just now must be Hua Yiyun, who was traveling with Dai Yatou. "Save yourself first. They'll be here soon." Cried the Purple Fairy. The two men stood with their backs to each other, guarding the door. Weave a dense curtain of swords in front of him, and hold yuan to defend one without attacking. As soon as Uncle Tai, who was due north, heard the whistling sound, he felt very familiar. Suddenly, he felt a shock in his heart. He blurted out: "Friends, the enemy is coming. Let's fight and kill them first." With a shout, the selfless mountain man called out "Tianlong Xingyu", and the silver snake flew in the rain, chasing the thief five steps back in all directions. The figures were separated and United, and they were tangled together again in a miscellaneous way. In the direction of due east, two dark shadows shot side by side in the distant forest, like stars flying and shooting, swift and incoherent. Half behind the shadow, an old woman with four shadows, four shadows with a companion on their backs, is also flying here with a swift posture. At the critical moment of survival, Yiyun and Rudai finally arrived. The two of them killed more than ten big fellow of the three wonders of Huaiyin, and rushed to Xiong'er Mountain anxiously. On the road, there were two groups of thieves, such as Dai,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, who started to send them to the afterlife one by one, so they delayed a lot of time. When I arrived at Xiong'er Mountain, I saw a red light in the sky behind the mountain. At first two people do not care, more and more close, the girl said: "Hey!"! Where's the red light? It's rare. "Oh, no!" Yiyun exclaimed, "We're too late. The thief has already done it. It's the flame of the fire. Go quickly!" Two people added three success, to sweep cloud mountain villa through the forest to fly. When the girl saw the rising flames, she gnashed her teeth and shouted, "Damn you,Self-closing Faucet, Uncle Quan!"! I'll skin him. Yiyun's ears were sharp. He had already heard the cry of killing. He said, "There are people fighting ahead. Get ready.". Say hello to the God bat and don't let them hurt people. With two squeaks, the two blood-sucking bats had already flown out of the bag by themselves. Descending a hillside, I could see clearly that in the lawn under the forest, four big men with swords formed an array to defend themselves, and the four wounded men under the wing guard. There were eight big men in black on the periphery, with swords flying and darts shooting all around. On the far right was an old woman with white hair, who was fighting with five old ghosts and wolves with a long sword of cold awn and electric shooting. She could only parry, but had no power to fight back. Yiyun's eyesight is superhuman. "Of the five old ghosts, there are Zuo Qu Lao and You Qu Lao," he cried. "Brother, that's my grandmother. Don't let them go." If Dai says urgently, cry aloud: "Grandma, Dai Er came.". Her two loud cries made Erqu's hair stand on end. She turned her head and said, "Darling!"! Sure enough, it was a pair of young men and women who destroyed Funiu Villa, which shocked the two old ghosts. Old Zuo Qu suddenly used the art of transmitting sound into the secret and said to Old Right Qu, "Don't make a sound. You can't withdraw until they are about to reach you. At this time, retreat. This little beast must be chasing us. It's not easy to get away.". Look, push button toilet flush valve ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, go north, pass them on their right and turn east, and they won't come back after us. Zihong always, thirty feet away from the girl then pulled down the purple electric sword. Shining brilliance suddenly appeared, Yiyun's Fu Ao dagger was unsheathed, and the three-foot crystal awn flickered, which was breathtaking. He let go of the girl's slender waist more than ten Zhangs away, and the body and the sword came together. Left hand a Yang, a soybean with all over the sky rain technique, attack surrounded the four big fellow side of the evil thieves, he has distinguished between the enemy and ourselves, unfeeling. He first shot to the left and right, and when they were twenty feet apart, they fell down close to the ground and disappeared from the grass. The other three old thieves turned their swords and attacked the old woman together. Yiyun is not at ease, give up the opportunity to attack the left and right two songs, pounce on the highest skill to make the old thief. As soon as the lightning flashed, it suddenly turned into a halo to cover the old thief. The old fellow was really good, and the heavy crutch cover of the refined steel was split. The crutch suddenly touched Guanghua, and as soon as the sword awn collapsed, it broke the tail of nearly a foot, and spat forward without hindrance. The old thief was not weak either. As soon as he turned lightly, he knew something was wrong. He fell to the left and shot two feet away from the side. He only felt a chill on his right temple. The helix was shot by the burning heat, and half of the helix had disappeared. It was so dangerous! Another makes the sword evil thief just a sword attack, the sword gas sharp roar sprinkles thousands of cold stars, attacks the left rib of Yiyun, solves the dangerous situation of the old thief.
"Accept your life!" Yiyun shouted loudly, and the first move of the Eighteen Swords of the Phantom, "like a virtual illusion", suddenly came out. It is rare to see a person in the world who can take it calmly. " "Ouch." "The old fellow straightened his upper body and leaned back, and the sword of Fu Ao Jian flashed in and out of his chest impartially.". His hands drooped, his sword fell to the ground, and he fell back. This side of the body did not fall to the ground, the old thief who broke the crutch, like a mad tiger, rushed to the old woman, who was attacking a vicious thief with a sword, but had to withdraw to save herself. Grandma, give it to me. Yiyun blurted out, and Fu Ao's sword flew out of his hand. With a flash of brilliance, he sank in from the right rib of the old thief and flew out from the left rib. As soon as Guanghua rose, Yiyun arrived. He kicked the body of the thief five feet away. At the same time, he started with Excalibur. With a scream, the last old ghost was stabbed three times by the old woman and fell down screaming. It's just a matter of time. It's fast to say. On the other side, the girl also arrived, and the purple electric sword was as brilliant as lightning. It scattered the four people who were besieging the village, and it was as brave as a mad lion. As she carried her sword, she scolded coquettishly. The skill of the eight black-clad thieves in the siege was not easy, and it was not easy for the girl to knock down the other side at once. However, the two vampire bats were psychic. As long as the girl handed a sword to someone, they shot up and down, killing three people in a row. The thieves found that a monster was attacking in the dark. Eight evil thieves were shot down by Yiyun with beans. With the help of the God bat, the girl stabbed down three of them, and three of them saw the catastrophe coming. The old woman stabbed down the thief. She turned around and looked at the situation. She was relieved and gasped for breath. Under the shining light of the sword, she saw Yiyun's face clearly. Then she said to Yiyun, who was approaching with the sword, "Brother, who are you?"? Did you call me grandma? In fact, Yiyun couldn't figure out who she was. Anyway, if Dai said she was grandma, he followed suit. He had to bow to the ground and said respectfully,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, "Jiang Gong, a crazy guest from all over the world, is my nephew's teacher.". Little nephew Hua. 。
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