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Complete Biography of Cixi (10th Jan 23 at 5:12am UTC)Quote Reply
"Yes!" The special messenger asked again, "where are the bandits coming to harass?" "Just get rid of them." "What should our army do if the bandits fight with the foreigners?" Rong Lu could not answer this question. He could not help the Boxers to fight against the foreigners, nor could he help the foreigners to fight against the Boxers. After thinking about it for a while, he answered vaguely, "Your commander in chief, please do as you see fit." It was a hint that he could stand on the sidelines and understand his meaning, but he stubbornly said, "Be sure to ask Zhongtang to make it clear." As he spoke, he bent one leg and made a stroke. Rong Lu had no choice but to reply, "It is the best policy not to get involved in the whirlpool." We can no longer ask, "What if we are involved in the whirlpool?"! The special messenger took his leave with satisfaction. Then, Rong Lu received Wang Zhangjing. After listening to him say that the small village minister was angry with Qixiu and that Qixiu was complacent, Rong Lu's face was very dignified. Did you reply to King Qing about these things? He asked. Zhang Jing, the general manager, said that it would be better to go back and forth to the middle hall directly. Wang Zhangjing relayed the words of Tong Dezhang. Thank him for his concern. The situation will be better in a few days. However, such a thing as the murder of the secretary of the Japanese legation must not happen again. Rong Lu thought for a moment and decided to flatter the visitor. He said what he didn't have to say to the officer: "Tomorrow morning, I want to see the empress Dowager and persuade her earnestly.". The Premier's Office has sent people who should not be in charge. I also know that you are in a very difficult situation. The situation of the country is like this. We can only do our best. Please tell your colleagues to endure humiliation and bear heavy burdens. We must try to maintain it. Although I am not in his position, do not seek his government, but military affairs and foreign affairs are inseparable, I know your achievements, and when things are over, I will certainly report to the top, do not teach you to work hard in vain. These soothing words were very useful, and Wang Zhangjing changed his gloomy face at the beginning and left happily. Rong Lu watched his back disappear,cosmetic plastic tube, feeling at a loss. He calmed down and recalled everything that Wang Zhangjing and Nie Shicheng had talked about. He felt that Tong Dezhang's words were very reasonable. He wanted to make peace as early as possible, and the later he was, the more he would suffer. And there is a law of harmony. Although the plan had been discussed with the Empress Dowager Cixi, it was not easy to do it, because the resistance was too great, and it had to be decided before it could be done. Therefore, that night, I called my trusted followers to have a secret talk. It's okay not to talk about it, but it's frustrating to talk about it and hear all the bad news. There is no law in Tianjin! Fan Zengxiang said,pump tube, "I have a relative who just escaped from Tianjin. It's unbelievable to talk about it. The Boxers are unscrupulous and outrageous." According to Fan Zengxiang, the Boxers in Tientsin were even bigger than the princes and county kings. On the way, when they met a civil official sitting in a sedan chair, they ordered him to dismount. When the military officer rode a horse, he ordered him to dismount, and he had to take off his hat and stand by the side of the road. If he did not follow, he would face each other with a white blade. Meet students in uniform, referred to as spies, random knife killed, I do not know how many! However, what the Tianjin Boxers hated most was not "Damaozi" or "Ermaozi", but the Wuwei Army, which had suffered losses from Nie Shicheng. Of course, this was at the instigation of Zhang Decheng and Cao Futian. They created a saying and let the minions spread it everywhere, saying that if they wanted to destroy the foreigners, three people would have to die. One was Nie Shicheng, custom cosmetic packing ,tube lip gloss, one was Yang Futian, and one was Ren Yusheng, a powerful subordinate of Nie Shicheng, who was stationed in Tianjin Chengfu and was known as the "Four Gates and One Thousand General". Because the surname of these three people together is "Nie Yang Ren", homophonic for "drive foreigners", kill these three people, foreigners can be driven into the sea. It is said that Nie Gongting has also been humiliated. Fan Zengxiang added, "When Nie Gongting returned to Tianjin a few days ago, he rode through Hedong Xinglong Street and met more than 100 Boxers. He shouted with a knife: 'Nie Guizi, get out of here. We met today!"! You want to keep the head? ' Nie Gongting only took four horses, a look at the momentum is not good, hurried to avoid, almost suffered a vicious hand. "Now the members of the Lutheran Peace Corps have something to say." The general was humiliated, the military prestige was greatly damaged, and Rong Lu felt quite bitter. However, the prestige of the court is not affected? He felt that the situation of the Boxer Rebellion, which had nothing to do with it, had to be played in front of the Empress Dowager Cixi. The strange phenomenon in Tianjin is more than that. There is one thing that is shocking to say, but it seems that it can not be disbelieved. Fan Zengxiang said, "Zhongtang might as well make a secret investigation." "Oh!"! Please speak and listen.
” "It is said that the boxing arena in Duliu Town, Jinghai County, is known as the'First Altar in the World ', also known as the'First Regiment in the World'. Its leader is Zhang Decheng. When he arrived in Tianjin a few days ago, he was introduced by Tan Wenhuan, who said that this man had boundless magic power and had the help of the'Red Light '. If he promised to protect the fort at Dagu Kou, it would be impregnable.". Yu Zhijun was so puzzled that he took his own green sedan chair and took Zhang Decheng to the Beiyang Yamen, where he hosted a banquet and was accompanied by Si Dao. When Zhang Decheng asked for food and ordnance, he said how much, and Yu Zhijun immediately told Si Dao to allocate it according to the number, and Tan Dao set up a food platform for Zhang Decheng. I don't know if it's true what I've heard. "Is there such a thing?" Rong Lu thought, if Yulu really demoted himself like this, it would be too improper! We have to find a way to get rid of him quickly. At the time of this discussion, the door came to report that King Qing had arrived. This is not a common thing, the prince system is noble, always ask people to the house to talk, now condescend, personally come to the door, know that there must be an emergency. Therefore, Rong Lu ordered to open the middle door, asked for a robe, dressed neatly in a hurry, and rushed out to meet him. King Qing had already got out of the sedan chair in front of the dripping eaves of the hall. How can Wang Ye work in person? Rong Lu said as he paid his respects. Why do you want to change your clothes? King Qing in civilian clothes said, "I am stuffy, but I want to talk to you.". Sit down in your study! Yes, yes! Please Leading into the study, King Qing first looked around, looked at the antiques of calligraphy and paintings, said a few words of gossip, and then began to talk about the purpose of his visit: "Dong Huizi is making a lot of trouble!"! Zhong Hua, you have to take care of it. "Yes!" Rong Lu was a little embarrassed. "Wang Ye is right to blame." No, no! I'm not blaming you. Don't worry about it. Qing Wang hurriedly shook his hand to argue, "I also know that Dong Huizi now has the support of the second child, for you this officer,custom cosmetic packaging, not as good as before!"! However, the outside world does not know that there is such an inside story, it is always said that the orders of your military guards are not strict. 。
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