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The moon blossoms into jade (10th Jan 23 at 5:14am UTC)Quote Reply
Tough to hold up his chin, to that pair of clear to the extreme eyes, the mood is complex and difficult to express. Although those sharp words are to force the hidden in the crowd to come out, is it not their own unwillingness? Cherish him, do not want him to enter the world of mortals, but unexpectedly that person has already been trapped in it, unable to extricate themselves, to the Buddha's mind is just a hope that can never be realized. In that case, why not? However, after the marriage to hide too complex entanglements so that they can not face up to their own mind, only thinking that if the feather married, even if the brother was injured, it is better than knowing the truth. But, but-a wedding that ends halfway, a bride who promises but refuses to marry someone she doesn't love against her own will.. But he had never been sad for some of the troubles, he only sighed at the feather and the meaning of Xiao Ran. At his wedding, he lifted the veil, loosened the red silk, and watched silently as his bride cut off her love and exiled herself to the ends of the earth. Even if he finally asked him with concern, he just said, "It's all right, don't worry.". Yeah, all he does is not have to worry about him. He's fine. His existence is like paying only for others and never asking for anything in return. Even if he is complained or appreciated by others,rosmarinic acid supplement, he always looks extremely calm. But he's a mortal, not a God! How could I not have been hurt, how could I not have been sad, why? Two years of searching, two years of not thinking, since unforgettable, who knows that person is suddenly looking back. Full of red sleeves and rosy clouds, charming swallows singing in spring, but only the person who quietly clings to the jade flute when the curtain falls. His cleanliness,ghana seed extract, his purity, his loneliness, his helplessness.. Let him even in the field of joy, there is a gray and stagnant sadness that is out of tune with the surroundings. Take him to the temple to worship Buddha, so that he can fulfill his long-cherished wish for many years; drag him to go shopping, so that his house is no longer empty and people feel sad when they see it; afraid that he is lonely and no one speaks, give him a doll made according to himself.. All the cuts, just want to make him happy, want to see that plain face like a lotus blooming, eyes are constantly sprinkling. However, not waiting for the roses to bloom in April to invite him to travel, the border road came, Ren Qi pressed forward step by step and did not relax. With years of forbearance, he came aggressively and cut a huge hole in his heart, so that he could not escape the ambiguous feelings in his heart. He was forced to face up to them and make a choice. On that high-spirited day, I saw the thin and lonely figure on the city wall from a distance, jujube seed powder ,saw palmetto extract, and my heart was so heavy that I could hardly breathe. Then came the confession under the rattan flower shelf, and the sadness lingered to the bone. Ren Qi didn't know that he was sleeping at that time, and he knew that Ren Qi knew. But none of them have broken, closed their eyes, Ren Qi's heartbroken words. But the voice of choking words, drops of cold piercing tears, sad to the extreme memories, so nowhere to escape, can not escape. Back against the edge of the cliff.-There is no way out. Quiet night meditation, trick him to come out, from the wheat field to see the stars. Unlike Ren Qi's pressing step by step, he never spoke. Even to the last careful test, he just said, "An Le Di Qing is a good man." Good man, Ren Qi is a good man. That's the answer he gave, that's what he always thought. Even so, that's all right. Now that Ren Qi has been identified, he will only treat himself well and no longer look at other people's eyes. But why is the heart still throbbing after being rescued by him in prison, and miss him unceasingly? Is not already determined to life as long as Ren Qi? Why would he be so angry when he knew he was rescued in such a helpless way?! Now that I have made a personal commitment, what kind of attitude should I take to face the people I used to be? The lips were unconsciously clenched tightly, the eyebrows were gathered sadly, and the quiet shadows in the sleep intermittently sent out restless dreams. Qi Xuan, who was lying on the table for a nap, rubbed his eyes and straightened up to look over there. Tsinghua's face was frozen with unspeakable sadness. Slowly got up to tuck in the corner of the blanket for the person who had fallen asleep. Qi Xuan sat on the edge of the bed in silence and looked at it for a while. He wanted to reach out to touch the sadness on his eyebrows, but he stopped laughing bitterly in the middle. Coughing softly, he strolled out of the room in the uncertain starlight.
His hands were behind him, and the amber eyes on his snowy face were unusually clear. At this time, the breeze is blowing gently, the moon is bright and the night is clear. In the next few days, Jingying lay on the bed and did nothing to aggravate the injury. Qi Xuan went out to pick wild fruits in the daytime and occasionally hunted a rabbit to roast it. The shadow peeked at him secretly, frowning and disemboweling the hare, with a more obvious aversion to blood under his calm face. Also wanted to persuade him not to go against his own mind to kill, but in the face of that cold face but automatically give up. The days after the plain light, pray Xuan raised in the ten nights of the wind harrier to find them, the blue birds back and forth to convey the message of the two places, so that finally can put down the heart to recover. Life is quiet and uneventful, and the valley where the grape-feather finds its feet is extremely hidden, and there is almost no human habitation around it. On weekdays, besides sleeping on the bed, they go out to bask in the sun. Afternoon lazily reach out to block in front of the forehead to avoid the harsh sun, bathed in the warm summer wind, feeling is never calm and peace of mind, distant Qixuan is bending down with a dagger carefully cutting down the newly cut wood. A few days ago, I really couldn't bear to see myself sleep on the bed and pray for Xuan to sleep on the table, so I forced him not to bother to make another bed. Originally oneself also want to go up to help, but pray for Xuan to hand injury is not healed on the grounds, is not to intervene. Who knows the bed is done to pray for Xuan to fall in love with carpentry line, now is thinking about helping to make a reclining chair out, let bask in the sun more comfortable. Anyway, the years in the valley were boring, and it was better for him to find something to do than to stay in a daze. Suddenly,best green coffee bean extract, there was a loud sound in the sky, and the blue clouds swayed down to the busy Qixuan. Neither dodging nor dodging, he watched with a smile as the bird landed on his shoulder and pecked affectionately at his cheek.
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