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Hunting country (12th Jan 23 at 1:16am UTC)Quote Reply
And by the time the Odin brought back reinforcements from the walls, Shaya's cavalry had already left the sheriff's mansion and lined up the charge on the long street! Seeing the Odin running anxiously along the long street from the direction of the city gate, Shaya laughed and raised his long knife covered with blood: "Drive these Odin out of the city!"! Before dawn, this city is ours! Broad street, the whole formation of cavalry charge again, thousands of cavalry once rushed up, how can the infantry can stop?! Soon, Odin, who was waiting for news at the city gate, was surprised to find that his reinforcements had been driven back like ducks in the street! The sound of fighting and crying came from far away, and the Odin warriors retreated in the streets as if they were running for their lives in the dark night of heavy rain. Shaya rushed to one side, and in the melee, he also received two axes, but this ordinary attack only cut his armor, but could not do any harm to him. His bravery has convinced the unruly horse thieves. At least this young imperial general, left an impression on everyone, in the degree of bravery, no less than their former leader Miss Nene. Thousands of Odin infantry were driven back to the gates,heavy duty racking system, and by this time, the defenders were in complete disarray. The defeated Odin under the wall tried to run back to the wall, while the defenders on the wall tried to come down to rescue them. The two sides crowded on the narrow steps of the wall's parapet, pushing each other in the dark, and even some people were directly pushed down from the wall. Shaya's horse had rushed to the gate, and the saber in his hand had been thrown away. He pulled out the fire fork with one hand and pulled up the reins with the other hand. With a long hiss, the horse raised its front hoof and immediately kicked an Odin warrior flying out! Shaya on the horse,heavy duty warehouse rack, the fire fork quickly cut down! Cut! The iron stake on the stout city gate, under the sharp fire fork, was cut into two sections! Shaya then rushed up, in the darkness, everyone clearly saw the sudden flash of a group of red light on Shaya, and then heard a boom, the roar of the sound, even over the thunder in the sky. In the darkness, a cry was heard: "The gates are open!"! The gates are open! Inside the city to see the gate was suddenly blasted open a huge hole, in the red light, the door fell apart, immediately without hesitation, Cantilever Storage rack ,Narrow aisle rack, a shout, led his cavalry, quickly rushed in.. At this point, the defeat of Odin has been decided! Shaya fulfilled his promise. The battle was declared over before dawn. There were more than three thousand defenders in the city of Mesta, and more than half of them died on the spot in the scuffle at night, and most of them turned into mud under the iron hooves of the cavalry before they could react. There are hundreds of Odin remnants are scattered around the city, but when the Byzantine army into the city, even without Xia Ya personally to kill, the city was alarmed by the citizens, spontaneously formed a hunting army, almost every street has appeared in different numbers of citizens, these people are holding their own kitchen knives or sticks and other things, Hunting scattered Odin warriors everywhere. Even after the war, the supreme commander of the Odin army in the city of Mesta, who tried to escape in the midst of the chaos, was trapped in a street, surrounded by hundreds of citizens, and five Odin, including the Odin officer, were beaten alive with kitchen knives and sticks by angry citizens. I can't even put together a complete shape. More than a thousand Odin warriors were captured, most of them wounded. Less than three hundred are intact.
When asked what to do with the Odin captives, Shaya stood inside the city gate and looked at the groups of Odin who had been driven together. His face was cold and he glanced at the cavalry around him. "What do you think should be done with them?" These cavalry used to be horse thieves, but they were not bloodthirsty people. For a time, some people suggested that these guys should be released, while others suggested that these guys should be kept as slave coolies. After listening to the voices of the crowd, Shaya slowly walked up to the captives. These prisoners are Odin warriors, but now after the defeat, lost the fierce and ferocious appearance of the past, one by one dejected, under the pressure of the sharp sabres of the cavalry around, look a little dull. Kill them all. Xia Ya coldly dropped a word. All the horse thieves around him immediately opened their eyes wide, unexpectedly, the young new leader was so ruthless! Shaya snorted. He pointed a fire fork at the captives. "Do you think it's too cruel?"? Then listen to me! Shaya's eyes seemed to spew fire. The ground beneath their feet! It's ours! The air they breathe now is ours! The food they ate last night was ours too! And here they are! Stand on our land! Breathe our air! Eat our food! You remember that! These guys are the aggressors! For aggressors, there is no need for any mercy or any bullshit demeanor to speak of! Kill all these scum! Let latecomers understand that rashly invading other people's homes is to pay a painful price! If you don't let these bastards understand this truth, I'm afraid they'll come back unscrupulously in the future! Say that finish, Xia Ya fiercely staring at his cavalry: "Today you do not kill them, tomorrow they will come back to rob our land, eat our food, by the way.." I'll kill you! The aggressor must get the fate of the aggressor! Chapter 281 good brothers. Although Xia Ya said the truth so impassioned, so righteous, in fact,pipe cantilever rack, this guy is shamelessly stealing the concept. The ground beneath their feet! It's ours! The air they breathe now is ours! The food they ate last night was ours too! This is not wrong, but for Shaya's position, replacing "our" with "mine" is the real idea in his heart.
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