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The whole world is my brother. (8th Dec 22 at 2:41am UTC)Quote Reply
Asahi Nai can hear, around the crow Tengu is attacking her, the sound of the attack has come to her side, and she has just finished the spell, the boundary has been removed, at this time is too late, also can not defend. I didn't expect to be planted here today. Asahi Nai Gandhi slowly closed his eyes, only the sadness of not being able to save his family. After two seconds, Asahi Nai suddenly noticed something was wrong. I don't feel any pain, and. Like who's holding her? Asahi Nai was so frightened that he suddenly opened his eyes. Suddenly, a comely face with a gentle smile came into view. Good afternoon, my sister. The author has something to say: stay on January 13, 2019: The new article of Amway's gay friend Midnight Lantern Flower, the same person Tanbi: "In the days of Xiongying as a leader [comprehensive]", CP is a scorched frozen! The love between Hong Kong Black Young Leader and Hero Chi Mian! It's an advance! Search the author's name! Fukasawa, the famous Hong Kong black young master, the adopted son of the former BOSS, is a pitiful little man after Mori Ou ascended the throne. On his 15th birthday, he ran from Hong Kong to Shizuoka, determined to become a hero! TOP in Ningshan Country! Hero Andeva's youngest son is scorched! Seem to be in love! Fukasawa: Why do you follow me every day. In fact, I just found that the transfer student was a little concerned about the Hong Kong black young master, so I tracked and monitored the Todoroki:. Fukasawa: You have a crush on me? Todoroki jelly:.. I didn't. Fukasawa: You hesitated! Admit your hesitancy: [nodding] Fukasawa: You really have a crush on me! Three Nissans Asahi Nai looked at the person holding her in front of him,lamella tube, his eyes full of disbelief. The strong evil spirit around has been blown away by the wind, the oppressive atmosphere is no longer, the sun moves to the sky over the tall buildings, and the sun finally shines on the street again. Big Tengu holds Asahi Naito, flapping his wings and falling slowly. Sporadic sunshine shines through the leaves, and the stars fall on them. The breeze blows the leaves, and the alternating broken light is like a luminous butterfly, dancing around them. The short golden hair of the big dog seems to be plated with a layer of light,wall penstocks, and the gentle face makes people intoxicated, beautiful enough to be painted, and even more reluctant to break. However, Asahi Nai did not feel that all this was good, and she was only surprised. When the big Tengu stood on the ground, Asahi Nai woke up from the shock, immediately broke away from his arms, retreated three meters, holding the knife and looking at him warily. Big Tengu not only let Asahi Nado move, but also when he saw her vigorous posture, he was proud to praise her: "Haruko's kung fu is great again, great!" Asahi Nai has no fluctuations in his heart, and even squints his eyes, even more vigilant. As a human, Asahi Nai believes that the sister in the monster's mouth can not be her, besides, rapid sand filters ,Belt Filter Press, she is not called "Haruko". Then the only explanation is that "Haruko" is very similar to her, and the big dog has mistaken her for someone else. Asahi Nai calculated that in this way, she might have a chance to take advantage of this and find a way out. But she must act as soon as possible, otherwise once the monster knows that she is not his so-called sister, she is not sure that she can beat him. Just now, when the big dog was still sealed, she might have thought she had a chance to defeat him, but now that she saw him in person, Asahi Nai knew that he was the ghost king. The ghost king with powerful demon power is not something she can challenge now. On the other side, the big Tengu saw that Asahi Nai was alert and alert, and his calm smile slowly stiffened. No, this appearance is not good. My sister seems to dislike him very much. Look closely again, it's even worse! This is not as simple as dislike, it is the rhythm of wanting to kill him! The reason why things had become like this flashed through the big dog's mind, and he could not help lowering his head with a dark look. Yes, Haruko doesn't remember her brother. Loneliness turned to heartache: "It's not Haruko's fault, it's my brother's fault." It is said that in the generation of Big Tengu, the whole clan, from top to bottom, either had no children or gave birth to boys. The family without a soft and cute girl is full of regrets. The new generation of the whole big family is no longer Yang's prosperity and Yin's decline, but only Yang.
Under the ardent expectation of all people, when the children of this generation have basically grown up, they finally welcome the girl they have been looking forward to for many years, which can be imagined how excited the whole family is. And the big Tengu is naturally one of them. From an early age, he knew that his brother came to rub on the ground, while his sister in the legend was the apple of his eye, the bright moon on the horizon, and was held in the palm of his hand. When his sister, who was wearing a small kimono and calling him Nissan, appeared, the big Tengu suddenly found that his sky had never been so bright and the sun had never been so warm, shining straight into his heart and melting his heart. The big dog took his sister's hand and decided in his heart that he must always protect his lovely sister! It is a pity It was my brother who didn't protect you. Haruko, my brother will protect you well in the future! Asahi Nai heard that his heart moved slightly, blinked his eyes, and he had an idea in his heart. However, without waiting for Asahi Naito to take action, the crows and dogs on one side saw that their own adults had broken through the seal, but they seemed to have been hoodwinked by this human Onmyoji. They immediately stepped forward and nervously admonished, "My Lord, this human is Onmyoji!"! She's the one who just tried to reseal my Lord! I know at a glance that she is not simple. Please don't be deceived by her. Yes, Lord Tengu. Now we have to hurry back to the clan, when you were sealed, Yufeng Mountain was. The big Tengu reached out to stop the crow Tengu's speech, and his eyes fell back on Asahi Naito not far away. Asahi Nai was all tense in an instant, and his hand holding Tai Dao turned white. Originally she also wanted to pretend to be the so-called Haruko if necessary, but just now the crow dog has told the truth, now, she probably can only fight to the death. Big Tengu sighed, he thought now Haruko would not believe him,fine bubble diffuser, if the deadlock continued, maybe she really had to start first. Seeing the eager eyes of the crow Tengu again, the big Tengu is in a dilemma but helpless.
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