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No.38, Pansidong (8th Dec 22 at 2:53am UTC)Quote Reply
Although I don't know who that person is yet. But now look, there will be no such person. If I like a person, of course, I don't want to eat him as food. Those people before, those things before. My previous life, as a person's previous life, has been very far away, many things can not remember. In fact, there is no love, there is no big deal. Many people do not have love, but the same life. No lover, but there are friends, there are. Lots and lots. Why am I so sad. A sour feeling spread everywhere in the body and rushed to the eyes. I covered my feverish eyes with my hands. Why am I thinking of the little Taoist priest at this time. Remembering the first time I met him, and then.. Those things. People and demons should not intersect, even if they are friends. No good results. These words are so old that I have heard them countless times. But for the first time, I knew that those words were right. I wiped my face and stood up, looked up and saw that it was almost dark! Shoot! The two-hour time limit must have passed long ago. What about the big gray hair? Even if Sanqi went back to the Peach Blossom Temple first, Huidamao could not bring in only one of her brands. The three fingers of my left hand were pinched together, and the spider silk under the cloth was all tied up in an instant. No, Huidamao is not in the Peach Blossom Forest. Hasn't he come back? No,alumina c799, he can sort out the priorities. This guy cherishes his life the most, and he will never be so obsessed with sex. Did Sanqi take him back first? I hurried back, but the younger martial sister who was guarding the gate said, "Elder Martial Sister Sanqi didn't come back, and I didn't see Damao.". Where did Damao go to play again? Elder Martial Sister 38, what's wrong with your eyes. I didn't listen to her again and turned away. Hey, Elder Martial Sister! It's getting dark, and you won't be able to come back as soon as the array opens! *** him. I have to find Damao first. Something must have happened to Damao. My hunch has never been clearer or more accurate. I took him out. I have to take him back. And Sanqi. Why didn't she come back? Text 35 It's a little scary to be quiet all around. I smell a Taoist priest. This is not a joke. I lived in Shushan for a period of time, and the smell of Taoist priests is different from that of ordinary people. The soap they used and the incense they burned every day were mixed together and wrapped around everyone's body. Sure enough. The Taoist priest in front also noticed my approach. He quickly turned his head and threw an amulet over. The silk in my palm shot out and ran through the amulet. The Taoist priest grabbed the struggling gray mouse in one hand and pulled out the sword from his waist. I knew he was a rookie by his not so skillful movements. My spider silk whirled and shot forward in the air, making a slight hissing sound that broke the air. His wrist was wrapped in spider silk in the blink of an eye, and the sword could no longer swing. I threw out three lines of silk and tied up the Taoist priest so that he could not move. The grey hair rolled and crawled and ran crying, ceramic welding tape ,steatite c221, "Master.". Master! I thought I must be dead this time! I am very upset. But it's really my fault. I delayed the time. Put him in danger. But "Where is Sanqi?"? I'm not here. You didn't ask her for help? Grey Big Hair gritted his teeth: "Don't mention her!"! How pure and pure the general assembly is at ordinary times. I didn't find Huihui today. I'll be back early. See her. "We'll talk about that when we get back." I turned to look at the Taoist priest. He is not old, and he is thin. The Taoist robe reminded me of Li Ke as soon as I saw it. It's really similar. Is it his classmate? I took two steps closer, and the big grey hair sobbed to bite him to vent his anger, but I stopped him. I recognize him. He is Li Ke's junior fellow apprentice. That little Joe. I also told Li Ke with a smile that he was a junior fellow apprentice surnamed Qiao. He had completely lost the outline of his childhood, but I was surprised to recognize him at a glance. The days with Li Ke were like a dream, I thought I had forgotten, but now I find that every detail is still so clear. My poisonous hook was already in the palm of my hand, but the hook was on his neck, and when I saw his timid, hateful, desperate and fearful eyes, my hand slowly dropped again. I also ate the preserves he gave Li Ke. There has been no news of Li Ke. What happened to him? "Do you know …" I asked. Little Joe stared at me warily, his mouth closed tightly.
"Forget it." I asked him, and he wouldn't tell me, but. Will you make trouble for Li Ke? I mentioned the big grey hair and checked that he was not seriously injured. At most, he twisted and rubbed off some grey hair in fright and went into the woods without looking back. Master, why don't you kill the Taoist priest? I shook my head, silent all the way. The peach blossom forest was already a maze, and even if there was a sign, it was impossible to get in. What to do? "Master, we can't get in," cried Damao. "I'm not afraid. Let's go to Mr. Ao's place." I suddenly remembered: "Sanqi?"? Did something happen to her? "Well, what could happen to her?" "When I saw her, there was only one thing left," said the grey hair. Still holding Feng senior to die, Feng senior said he would never like a woman like Sanqi, let her go away. "Eh?" I am stupefied: "You, you can not talk nonsense." "I'm not talking nonsense." "Master, I love to talk, but I never tell lies," said Damao with a look of grievance. Yes, Damao, he has always been like this. I told him: "That can not tell others, you know?" "I know." He immediately nodded: "I will never say." Before we were out of the woods,ceramic igniter electrodes, we heard a distant scream behind us. The little Taoist priest just now? I froze for a moment and ran back. What's going on? Soon I saw it. Li Ke's younger brother, Xiao Qiao, was nailed to the ground by a wooden stake hole through his lower abdomen. I don't have to snort his heart to know he's dead. It's dead.
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