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Upgrade Expert _ 20200215155742. (8th Dec 22 at 2:56am UTC)Quote Reply
Luo now is to cry without tears, originally thought that after solving the running thunder, the strength of only the peak of the true God will be easy. Who knows, Hua Yun, the master of God control, has come out again. Although the peak of the spirit level is close to the control level, it still can not be compared with the real control level. Saro understood this, so after being caught by Hua Yun, he did not make any unnecessary resistance. Do you really give me everything I want? Hua Yun stared into Saro's eyes. Really. Really, as long as I have, I will give you. If I don't have what you need, I'll find a way to get it for you. When Saro heard Hua Yun's words, he quickly answered. Some of the members of the Hurricane Hunter Group who were far away from Huayun saw that Saro had been captured, and when they saw that Huayun had not noticed them, they secretly turned around and prepared to leave here. Stop right there! Whoever dares to take one more step will die! Hua Yun glanced at the members of the Hurricane Hunters who wanted to escape. No No "My Lord!"! I I didn't run away! Many members of the Hurricane Hunter Group had just stepped out halfway, and when they heard Hua Yun's angry shouts, their feet were fixed in the air,Teardrop Pallet Racking, not daring to move at all. They naturally did not dare to move, in front of Hua Yun but controls the God rank the master. If you make Huayun unhappy, throw them all into the gully of heaven directly, and then they will have no time to cry. Seeing the members of the Hurricane Hunter Group, they were too frightened to move, and even the spiritual masters were shivering. Art thought he was absolutely right to follow Hua Yun, and his eyes were full of reverence when he looked at Hua Yun. Sophia looked steadily at Hua Yun. I don't know what I'm thinking. Lacus, on the other hand, warehousing storage solutions ,warehouse pallet racks, smiled. Because she knows what Hua Yun is talking about. There is no need to worry about the danger of going deep into the abyss. At the same time. She looked at Hua Yun's eyes. There was a flash of surprise. It's been less than ten years. Hua Yun unexpectedly reached the strength of controlling the God terrace. This is really terrible. Whether in the abyss or in the sub-divine realm. The strength of controlling the God rank is almost equal to walking sideways. Hua Yun turned to Saro and said, "Good!"! I want your parasitic seed! "What.." I heard that Hua Yun was going to parasitize. Saro's face turned ugly. This parasitic seed is his secret weapon. With that parasitic seed, we can defeat the master who occupies the place of accommodation and controls the divine rank. And become the ruler of the place of lodging. This parasitic seed. One after another, he helped Saro get rid of three masters who wanted to occupy the place of accommodation. Saro will stay as the peak master of the spiritual order until now. Hand over the parasitic seed. Doesn't that make him give up his status as the ruler of the place where he lives? "My Lord!"! Can you change it? This parasitic seed. But it was not easy for me to get the land. Saro looked at Hua Yun. You want me to drop you now? Hua Yun loosened his grip on Saro's collar. Looking down at the tidal current and the bottomless gully of the sky, Saro, who felt his body slipping down, panicked and said, "No!"! Nope! My Lord agrees! I agree Parasitic species may still exist in the abyss and can be found slowly, but there is only one life. If you're dead, you don't stand a chance. Saro is not stupid to be the ruler of a place to stay. OK! Remember what you promised me. And you'd better not play tricks on me, otherwise, I have a lot of ways to make your life worse than death. Then Yunfei returned to the sky over the place of accommodation and threw Saro down. After stepping on the ground, Saro breathed a sigh of relief and nodded to Hua Yun: "I know!" Then what are you standing around for? To disarm the parasitic seed. Hua Yun waved his hand at Saro. Yes! Yes Salo answered, hurriedly ran to the front of Ben Lei, only to see him stretch out his hand to Ben Lei, and the black vines wrapped around Ben Lei quickly faded back to the black seeds. ***ing guy! If you dare to set me up, you want to die! After lifting the shackles, Ben Lei saw that half of the energy in his body had disappeared, and immediately stepped on Saro with great anger. Adult! Give me a break. Saro was so frightened that he knelt on the ground. Ben Lei! Hua Yun stopped Ben Lei. I know, big! Ben Lei understood the meaning of Hua Yun, mercilessly glared at Saro, and took back the foot that was about to step on Saro's head. Then the body shrank rapidly and returned to its original appearance.
Salo was relieved to see that Ben Lei's foot had not been stepped on. Parasitic seed! Hua Yun stretched out his hand to Saro. Adult! Here you are Saro reluctantly handed out the parasitic seed. The eldest brother! That guy named Saro is not a good man. You must be careful. This so-called parasitic seed is very strange. It can absorb my energy. You must pay attention to it. It's all right! You just keep an eye on Saro. Hua Yun gave the voice to Ben Lei and asked him to be vigilant. After getting the order from Hua Yun, Ben Lei's eyes were fixed on Saro. Staring at Ben Lei, Saro tightened his head and moved his eyes to the other side, not daring. Ray. After receiving the parasitic seed from Saro, Hua Yun gently stroked it and released the induction on the parasitic seed. As soon as he touched the parasitic species, Hua Yun felt that there were several powerful forces in the parasitic species. After calculating, Hua Yun confirmed that there were at least four strands of energy in this parasitic species, each of which was almost equivalent to the power of controlling the divine order. While feeling the power contained in the parasitic seed,asrs warehouse, Hua Yun realized that there was another strange energy in the parasitic seed. When he came into contact with the strange energy of the parasitic seed, Hua Yun felt a sudden tremor in his soul. Yin. It was like the buzzing sound of two pieces of metal striking together. Soul resonance! Hua Yun found that his soul had a strange resonance with the parasitic species. At this moment, Hua Yun had a strange feeling that the parasitic seed had an inexplicable sense of closeness to his soul. It seems that this parasitic seed is like all kinds of plants that Huayun carefully cultivated when he was on the earth.
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